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Honista APK Download Instagram, An Application That Presents Instagram Plus In A Different Way And maybe The Best Honesta Instagram Application. That Is Very Similar To Instagram Gold But Has Something To Add To The Application Applications. Designed Differently From Other Instagram Applications, Honista Atualizado With All iPhone Emojis Free Download For iOS You Can Get All This After Downloading Honesta On Your Mobile As It Is The Latest Version Of The Application.

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If You Want To Honista Download Always On Mobile Then You Are At The Right Place This Article Provides You with a Direct Download Link But The Article Talks About Everything Related To the Always Honista Apk Download.

New Changes Honista Apk v7.2

1 App Start Crash Fixed.

2 No New Features Added Just App Start Crash Fix.

               ⚠️ If the Problem is Not Fixed, Please Clear the App Cache.

If Your Stories is Not Loaded and show “The Story is Unavailable”:

1 Honista Move On To Its Configuration.

2 Honista Screat Option.

3 Tab Fix Bug.

4 Fix Story Enable Problem.

5 Close the App And Open it Again.

Download Honista APK v7.2 For Android (Official Website)

What is Honista

Honista Atualizado Is One Of The Best And Most Important Versions Of Instagram Plus, If Not The Best Version Of Mr. Instagram For Android. Honista Apk Download Is An Instagram Application That Has The Benefits Of Hiding Inline Appearance As Well As Viewing Instagram stories Without Knowing Your Country And Many More Features That We Will Tell You About.

How to Honista APK Download Instagram Honista

1 Search On Your Mobile Play Store And Click To Download.

2 Install Honista On your mobile.

3 Open the APK and log In the Honista.

Insta Honista for iPhone’s latest version

Honista New Version Apk looks completely similar to iPhones and you may have seen Instagram Plus apps like Insta Gold or GB Insta but you won’t find the same flaws in Honest Instagram’s offering. Why not feature every minute update iPhone Instagram Story and iPhone Emoji for Android is one of the most important features that users turn to.

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New Options Added to Instagram Secret Options

Please Go To Settings And Refresh Instagram Download Honista APK v7.2 For Android Secret Option To Get All New Options.


1 Activate To Zoom Pinch And Stories.

2 Change the size Of the Circle Story On the App Home Page to Small.

3 Activate To Post Story Of Highlight Directly.

4 Circle On Homepage Cange Story Size Tiny.

5 Grup Reply Activate To Story.    


1 Next Voice Direct In Auto Play.

2 Dubble Tap On Massage Activate Unlik Reaction.

3 Direct In Music Notice.

4 Notice On Seliping Display For All Followers Only Followed Back Flowers.

5 Direct In Channels Tab.


Only Live Activity For Follow Back Users.


1 Caption In Comments Show Activate.

2 Who Have Like Reels Post Show Comments Of Followers.

3 Remix New Option Reels Activate.

4 Suggested And Following Page In Reels Between Switch.


1 Green Screen Camera Activate In Reels.

2 Reels Creating For Bumbrring.


1 Threads Activate.

2 Selected Page And You Shared Activaties Between. (Tags, Comments, Likes, and Follow Date)

3 Show Like Comments By Authour Activate.

Features Of The Honista App

Many Features Make Honista The Best App Ever. Hi, let me give you the general features that are always offered and then tell you about the features that are unique to Honista Apk.

How do I update Honista?

You Can Download Honista APK v7.2 For Android Always Update Honista Atualizado Instagram Again By Referring To The Article And Download The Copy Again Without Deleting The Application Because We Are Constantly Updating The Downloads So You Can Come Back To It Again. The Article Has To Be Maintained.

Honista v6.1

1 Show Creation Story Date On File Implements.

2 See List Of Stories Mention Implements (HidenAnd Normal Mention)

3 Story Full Info Show.

4 JSON File Story Download.

5 Emojies Update.

6 Fix Bug.

New Changes Honista v6.0

1 Base Update To

2 Font Background Story Select Implements.

3 Bugs Fix.

4 Image from SD Card Implement Select Custom.

5  All Android Versions Problem in Fix File Select.

6 Monochrome Implement Icon.

Changes Honista v5.0

1 Base Update.

2 Chat Encryption Implement.

3 App Icon and Name Change Implement.

4 Icon for Fully Hiding in Apps List Implement Transparent.

5 12 Dynamic Theme Andriod Implement.

6  Your Story Activaties Sharing Stories.

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